Dusadee Huntrakul / Amanda Riffo / Manabu Kanai / Nao Osada / Aya Kurashiki

18 July - 04 August 2019

Maki Fine Arts is pleased to present Outline, a five-artist group show, starting Thursday, July 18, 2019. In their first exhibition with Maki Fine Arts, each artist will showcase works that experiment with mediums and examine surface layers, using minimal expression while maintaining independence.

Dusadee Huntrakul was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1978. He is a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles and University of California, Berkeley. Recent shows include SUNSHOWER Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980s to Now (The National Art Center, Tokyo + Mori Museum, 2017).

Amanda Riffo was born in Paris and currently lives and works in Reykjavík, Iceland. Riffo lived in Tokyo as an artist in residence in 2012 and 2013. Her solo shows include It's about time (Youkobo Art Space, 2013).

Born 1983 in Tokyo, Japan, Manabu Kanai received his PhD from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2015. He was a visiting researcher at the University of Melbourne from 2015 to 2016. Recent shows include Compiling Behaviors, Digesting Actions (Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, 2018).

Nao Osada was born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1988 and received her MFA from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2016. Her recent shows include Smooth Accident (group, MA2 Gallery, 2019) and Breathtaking, for a while (solo, Open Letter, 2018).

Born 1993 in Kobe, Japan, Aya Kurashiki completed her MFA in Painting from Kyoto University of Arts and Design in 2018. She is currently pursuing her second master's degree in Oil Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts. Outline will be Kurashiki's debut show.

work image

ドゥサディー・ハンタクーン / Dusadee Huntrakul
"Highway 69"
陶磁器 / Ceramic

work image

アマンダ・リッフォ / Amanda Riffo
"Lebanon Serie #1"
gouache on document
15× 22 cm

work image

金井学 / Manabu Kanai
「_____ またはフランケンシュタインのデウカリオーン」/ "_____ : or Frankenstein's Deucalion"
建物の一部、枝、段ボール、プラスチック段ボール、MDF、プリント綿布、アクリル絵具 / Part of the architectural space, branches, corrugated plastic sheets, MDF, printed fabric, acrylic paint
画像提供:トーキョーアーツアンドスペース / Photo courtesy: Tokyo Arts and Space

work image

長田奈緒 / Nao Osada
"Plastic bag(NADiff)"
screen print, acrylic
42.8×28.9×0.2cm / 45.6×37.6×0.2cm

work image

倉敷安耶 / Aya Kurashiki